Rule of Three

The One Ring - Session 3
KInstrife and Dark Tidings (part 2)

At the village of Stonyford, Frida, Beran and the Bride persuade the village’s leaders that they travel at Beorn’s bidding and are seeking a fugitive. The villagers tell them that the escaped prisoner is one of their own – a young man named Oderic who murdered his brother-in-law, Rathfic.

As the adventurers ask more questions, they learn that Oderic was an orphan who was taken in by the warrior Helmgut and his daughter Brunhild. Oderic was never fully accepted by the village and held himself apart, even more so after Rathfic settled there and married Brunhild. About two weeks ago, the two men fought for some reason, and Oderic stabbed Rathfic to death, after which he was arrested by Helmgut for the terrible crime of kin-slaying. Beorn’s men took him away for trial; they fear that his escape is a sign of doom and evil.

The adventurers try to question Helmgut, but the old warrior is drunk and lost in his own misery. They then question Brunhild, who is in mourning for her husband and saddened by the loss of her foster-brother. Frida aggressively interrogates Brunhild, who confesses that Oderic was planning to leave Stonyford and wanted her to come with him. When Rathfic interrupted them, the two men argued; Brunhild attempted to separate them, Rathfic struck her and then Oderic stabbed him. Furthermore, she tells them that Oderic returned not two nights ago, whispering through her window; he told her of his escape and that he was striking west across the Great River to seek his fortune and never return.

Frida tells the village elders that Brunhild spoke with Oderic, and the adventurers take a boat down the River in search of Oderic. After several days on his trail, they track him to a forest near the Gladden Fields, and find signs that he has been captured by armed men occupying the woods. As they search further, they encounter a patrol of men from the South and do battle, taking one alive as prisoner. He tells them that Oderic is the ‘guest’ of Valter, who brings an army from the south to take the weak northern lands.

Now the adventurers must decide whether to find Oderic and bring him to justice, or warn the Wilderlands of invasion…

The One Ring - Session 2
KInstrife and Dark Tidings (part 1)

As autumn turns to spring, three adventurers – Frida, Beran and The Bride – discover the bodies of two of Beorn’s thanes, murdered by orcs in a boat run aground on the Great River. It looks as if the two men were transporting a prisoner to face Beorn’s justice, and that the third man escaped in the ambush.

The adventurers bury the bodies and trek to Beorn’s Hall, where he receives their news with great anger and sadness. They sup with him and the local Beornings, and are awakened in the night by the sound of a great bear roaring in the distance. Come the morning, they find Beorn cheerier and surrounded by the helmets of dead orcs. He sets them a quest to track down the escaped prisoner, whoever he might be, and bring him back to face justice.

Mounted on Beorn’s horses, the adventurers search for signs of the escapee. They find the body of an orc, decapitated with a sword taken from one of the dead thanes, and follow this trail south to the Old Ford and beyond. Their journey is cold and difficult, with false leads and poor sleep, and they are weary when they find further sign of the fugitive just outside Stonyford – the village that hosted the Moon Festival two seasons earlier.

But when the adventurers attempt to enter the village, they receive a chilly reception from its leaders, who petition them to pass by and leave them to their sadness…

The One Ring - Session 1
The Theft of the Moon

At the end of spring, the folk of the western Wilderlands hold the traditional Moon Festival to celebrate the end of the harvest. This year, four years after the Battle of Five Armies, the Festival takes place near the village of Stonyford, and a fellowship of adventurers attend to share in the merriment and take part in the competitions. The prize – the Sickle of the Moon, a great artefact belonging to Beorn himself.
But before Frida and the Bride can take their places as trial-winners and perhaps win the prize, a hue and cry erupts – goblins have stolen the Sickle! Or so it seems at first, but Beran, Beli and the other adventurers soon uncover the truth – the sickle has been stolen by outlaws who are taking it north to give it to their master.

The adventurers give chase, pursuing the thieves for many days and more than a hundred miles up the banks of the Great River. Eventually they run the outlaws to ground on the Falrock, an island on the river, and do battle atop a great fallen log that bridges the isle and the river-bank. They overcome the bandits (most of whom seem to be slaves and thralls, rather than truly evil men) and their cruel leaders to recover the Sickle; they return it to Beorn and are celebrated by the villages that he protects.

Monster of the Week - Session 3
The Plague Engram

Dr Cavendish rushes from the Yarra Bend Golf Course, back to his laboratory in Northcote, to treat Onyx’s injuries and their apparent case of super-rapid syphilis that was inflicted by the ghul. (Abul also has a minor injury, but it is easily treated.) Cavendish is confounded by Onyx’s illness; the syphilis isn’t just cured by penicillin, it ‘retreats’ – their diseased, rotting flesh regenerates before his eyes! But at the same time, it only regenerates so far and then stops, in a strange wavering state where the sickness comes and goes – almost like it was being imposed on Onyx, rather than a natural infection. Cavendish tries to make sense of the samples he’s taken – and tries to block out the eerie beat and loop of numbers that he keeps hearing at the edge of his awareness…

Across the street, in his secret B Wing offices, Agent Smint has a difficult phone call with his superiors, who haul him over the coals for his misuse of resources and disregard for secrecy. Before he can plead his case further, he’s interrupted by the doorbell – a stern middle-aged woman ringing for access to a place no-one should know exists. The woman demands the loss of her stolen property – an audio tape that was taken from the golf course – and is completely uninterested in excuses or claims to authority. Smint finally gets her name – Dr Eleanor Colfax, a psychiatric researcher at Thomas Embling Hospital, just next to the golf course – and tells her that he’ll need to collect the tape from B Wing HQ. She waits in a car outside, while he drives off – and parks just around the corner to call HQ. But Colfax follows him and confronts him – and when he draws a gun to intimidate her, she jabs him in the neck with a taser, grabs the tape and leaves.

In his lab, Cavendish discovers syphilis-like symptoms (boils, pus, gummas etc) erupting on the surface of his equipment – metal and plastic are becoming diseased! A gunshot from outside attracts Abul’s attention – she runs out to find a woozy Smint driving back to the lab. His superiors have disavowed him; the only hope for his career is to wrap this case up quietly, and he needs his allies to come with him to Thomas Embling.

The psychiatric hospital is a secure facility, with retinal scanners and plain-clothes security guards – and it’s currently in lockdown due to a fire. Smint’s ID gets them past the initial police presence, but the internal guards refuse to let them without appointments and approval. Onyx overwhelms the guard with their mental abilities, but suffers a seizure in the process, and is left behind as the others run into the (very pleasant) facility compound to look for Dr Colfax and the mysterious tape. Instead, they find a lot of confused and frightened staff, a number of firemen and a building on fire – and Dr Colfax’s office, a mess of audio splicing equipment, books on Fortean phenomena, scribbled and incoherent notes and a pulsating and diseased brain in a jar.

Onyx recovers and makes their way through the hospital, discovering Dr Colfax badgering an orderly to play her tape over the PA system. They capture her and force her back to the burning offices, extracting fragmentary information from her in the process. Colfax has devised a radical treatment for psychiatric patients, involving an artificial engram shaped by ghostly energies and magnetically imprinted into the brain. She trialled the process last night, using a stolen brain and the magnetic nexus contained on the tape to summon and bind ghosts from the old asylum’s lost cemetary – but Onyx realises that what she has actually summoned is the disease spirit trapped long ago by indigenous elders, and that everyone who hears the recording will turn into a ghul.

The brain lashes out with waves of magnetic force, turning the office into a deathtrap, and Cavendish is increasingly suffering under the psychic onslaught of the disease spirit within the engram. Abul uses her magic to expel the spirit – but it jumps over into Cavendish’s brain, paralysing him and slowly morphing him into a ghul! In the telekinetic chaos, Smint is thrown through a window to land outside next to Colfax as Onyx runs inside. Abul uses a live electrical cable to shock the spirit out of Cavendish and into Colfax’s brain; Onyx plays the tape backwards over the recording equipment, temporarily locking the spirit into place – and Smint shoots Colfax in the head, killing her and destroying the spirit.

In the aftermath, the four monster hunters make their escape from the Hospital before more police come – disavowed by B Wing, disgraced by their very public and violent escapades, disabled by their awful injuries. But still, they fight the good fight.

Someone has to.

Monster of the Week - Session 2
Sickness Dreaming

Ambushed by the ghul-creature, Onyx attempts to fight it off, but is instead overpowered and bitten; Agent Smint tries to draw it away and is smacked aside for his trouble. The creature seems unfazed by their weapons, and threatens the two wounded investigators – until Dr Cavendish suddenly appears on the scene and drives it off with a burst from his flamethrower! The creature vanishes into the undergrowth between the golf course and the freeway.

Smint grabs the Walkman from the tree, noting that it’s been modified in odd ways. The tape within is lumpy with splices, and plays a strange throbbing beat overlaid with a woman reciting numbers. Abul treats Onyx’s injury with magical healing herbs – but the treatment is painful, and Onyx’s fragile psyche tips over into full-blown paranoia. They lash out at their allies and go chasing after the creature, using their psychic gifts to track it. Meanwhile, Smint gets B Wing to track the creature via satellite surveillance. Both roads lead to the Victorian Indigenous Nurseries Co-operative, a plant nursery located between the golf range and the bridge over the freeway.

Crazed by paranoia, Onyx draws a knife and yells at the VINC staff and customers; they respond by locking the gates to the centre, and screaming in terror when Onyx breaks them down. Smint and Cavendish attempt to calm the civilians – and the police that soon arrive – while Abul and Onyx search the main nursery building for the creature. They find it the hard way – it drops from the ceiling onto Onyx’s back, and despite the power of their psychically enhanced martial-arts, Onyx is badly injured and possibly infected by the creature.

Cavendish realises that penicillin might be the thing to stop the syphilis-tainted monster, but he doesn’t have any with him; he races back to his lab in Northcote, passing two fire engines on the other side of the bridge that appear to be treating a blaze at the nearby Thomas Embling Hospital. Onyx and the ghul continue to fight, but Smint decides on a different tactic – he and Abul tear out the hoses of the nursery’s irrigation system and use them to clothesline and then tie up the creature just as it overpowers Onyx. It’s not enough to hold the monster, but Abul draws a containment pentagram around it to keep it imprisoned long enough for Cavendish to return. He injects the creature with a massive dose of penicillin, which kills it.

In the aftermath, B Wing agents collect the creature’s corpse, but Smint is in trouble with his superiors for drawing attention with his cavalier actions. Onyx is critically injured and possibly infected with fast-acting syphilis, so Cavendish takes them and Abul back to his lab for treatment. The fire engines are still at the hospital, and on the edge of their awareness, Smint and Cavendish keep hearing that strange mix of white noise and numbers…

Monster of the Week - Session 1
Local History

The call comes in to Agent Smint early on the morning of September 10th – a body has been discovered at Yarra Bend Park, not far from the secret B Wing offices in Northcote. The body is badly decomposed, as if it had been rotting for weeks – but has been identified as a park groundskeeper that was alive and at work just last night. Smint calls Dr Cavendish and Abul Abin Aziz, who come to meet him at the doctor’s lab, where Onyx is currently recuperating in the infirmary. After breakfast at the lab, the team decide to split up again – Abul and Cavendish head to the Victoria Police Centre in Flinders Street to examine the body, while Smint and Onyx go to Yarra Bend to investigate the crime scene.

It’s a wet morning in the Park, thanks to heavy rains the day before, and police have blocked the access bridge over the Eastern Freeway; fortunately Smint’s credentials let him enter and take charge of the scene. The body was found in the mini-golf area of the Yarra Bend Golf Course, near the centre of the Park; the sergeant on the scene tells Smint that the body was horrifically decomposed to the point of leaking fluids and falling apart. Onyx reads the sergeant’s memories of the body and realises that the groundskeeper’s decomposition obscured the fact that he bore defensive wounds – the man was attacked by something. Smint examines the scene and finds a strange footprint under part of the mini-golf range, long and thin like a kangaroo’s but with large claws at the toes. Before they can investigate further, the Golf Course manager, Roger Overton, arrives to petition the police to re-open the park for business; Smint and Onyx persuade the sergeant to take Overton away for questioning. With the police gone, they decide to search for whatever attacked the groundskeeper; Onyx knows (somehow) of a hidden gully and cave in the far reaches of the park, near the Freeway, and they set off to explore.

At the Police Centre, Cavendish shows his temporary B Wing credentials to gain access to the Morgue. The body is in a shocking state, flesh rotted away to bone and covered in sores and cankers, maggots crawling in its wounds. As medical science struggles for answers, Abul tries a different route and uses magic to view the man’s death; she has a vision where she sees him running panicked through the park at night, hiding in the mini-golf area and then being attacked, bitten and killed by a horrible creature – a pallid humanoid with spindly limbs, a distended belly, red slime across its legs and groin and a great triangular jaw filled with broken teeth. (Before her vision ends, she gets the sensation that some presence has become aware of her.) It reminds her of the ghuls of Arabic myth, which dwell in burial grounds and drink blood. Cavendish searches online to see whether there are any cemeteries in the Yarra Bend region and discovers the Wikipedia entry for the old Yarra Bend Asylum – its cemetery was buried and covered up decades ago by… a practice fairway of the Golf Course. He phones Smint with the information, and he and Abul get ready to join them. Just before they leave the morgue, he checks a sample of the victim’s blood and realises what has happened to the body – it’s been broken down by some strange, super-rapid form of syphilis.

Smint and Onyx explore the far corner of the Golf Course, now on the lookout for open graves as well as the cave. They find a strangely quiet region by the banks of the Yarra, and Onyx projects his senses back through time to see the course engulf the old cemetery not far from where they stand – and further back still, to a time when Aboriginal warriors and elders imprisoned the creature under a sacred rock on the same site. (Smint is unnerved by this, and his suspicious about Onyx return.) As they investigate the site further, Smint sees a glint of light from a tree, and realises that some kind of apparatus has been placed about three metres up, and that wires connect some of the trees. The two of them argue about who should investigate, but under some telepathic pressure Smint takes the lead, climbing the tree as Onyx waits below. He finds five trees connected by copper wires in the form of a pentagram, with red sealing wax at their junctures; the pentagram is connected to an old Walkman, taped to the tree, with a tape in it and PAUSE depressed.

Smint hesitates a moment, then pushes PLAY – just as the creature bursts from the undergrowth and lunges at Onyx!

Lady Blackbird - Session 3
Love and Flames

On the darkside of Nightport – a tidal-locked hive of scum and villainy with eternal night and day on different halves – Cyrus Vance and Snargle run from an angry mob of criminals, having stolen a map of the secret route through the Remnants from local scoundrels. Kale and Naomi snipe from The Owl to assist them, but Vance is cornered and has to reveal the tiny scrap of void sorcery he carries in his blood to teleport to a rooftop and be collected.

The crew escape Nightport and begin their voyage to the Remnants, only to realise that the ‘map’ is in fact just a sky-shanty, with lyrics that reveal landmarks and passageways through the asteroid field. More, Lady Blackbird reveals that her destination is the fortress of Uriah Flint, the pirate king and her lover – which draws a dramatic emotional reaction from Cyrus, who was more enamoured of the Lady than anyone had realised.

Tensions on board The Owl are high as they finally reach the Remnants – and become more so when they are attacked by The Blade of Justice, an Imperial frigate commanded by Cyrus’ former lover Karla Duran! Fortunately they cleverly out-maneuver the Blade and target its engines with The Owl’s gun, leaving it disabled in the outer ring of asteroids. They press on, and Lady Blackbird tells Naomi of how she and the pirate king fell in love eight years ago, when she was his prisoner – and how she rescued Naomi from the slave pits because she didn’t want her to go through a miserable life with no opportunity to find love herself.

Finally they get through the Remnants to find the sky pirates’ fortress – a great coral asteroid and a castle assembled from wrecked skyships – and are brought before the dashing and handsome Uriah Flint! At first he treats them as prisoners and verbally spars with Cyrus, but when Lady Blackbird reveals herself the long-separated lovers embrace and kiss, and Flint throws a massive feast and party! …in which he drugs the travellers into unconsciousness.

Cyrus, Kale, Naomi and Snargle wake in chains in the bow of a pirate ship making its way back through the Remnants. Flint admits that his love for the Lady has long since cooled, and he’s more interested in collecting the bounty for her return and Vance’s capture. The travellers manage to escape and fight their way to the bridge, where Flint holds Lady Blackbird captive in void-spider-silk bonds that drain her sorcerous power. As they attempt to rescue her, Flint reveals his own power – he is a disgraced Flameblood scion who can magically summon and control fire.

As Flint and Cyrus duel, Naomi is shot and Kale kills the pilot, leaving the ship to plough into a massive asteroid just as Cyrus confesses his love for Lady Blackbird. (Meanwhile Snargle rushes to untether The Owl, which is being towed along behind.) The battle spills out onto the planetoid, a grassy savannah that soon ignites from Flint’s sorcery. Trying to locate the Lady, Naomi drinks the last remains of the squid ink concoction she got in Haven and touches the consciousness of the giant sky-squid that has followed in their wake – and also finds the Lady, being dragged away by the wounded Flint. Battling through flames, Cyrus engages Flint in a bloody, burning brawl, giving his all to finally batter the pirate king unconscious. All seems lost when two more pirate ships arrive, guns blazing – only to be torn apart by the sky-squid as Snargle brings in The Owl to rescue the crew!

At last leaving the Remnants behind, Cyrus cuts a deal with Karla Duran, handing over Uriah Flint in exchange for a period of freedom. As the Imperial ship leaves, The Owl charts a course back to the Free Worlds, Lady Blackbird comes to terms with the failure of her dreams, and all aboard – smuggler and aristocrat, bodyguard and first mate – look out into the Wild Blue, at open skies, second chances, friendship and freedom.

It is enough.

Lady Blackbird - Session 2
Terror in the Argone Swamps

Lost in Haven, Naomi Bishop is rescued (sort of) by Chester Halfbait, a disreputable junk-merchant who claims to be an exiled noble. His sorcerous gifts let him see the future and he warns that Lady Blackbird’s own Stormblood sorcery threaten to destroy the town! Chester gives Naomi a concoction of squid ink and his own magical essences; when she drinks it, she goes into a hallucinatory trance and sees the whole of Haven, even touching the mind of a distant sky squid before seeing the kidnappers loading the Lady into a carriage, somewhere in the local argone swamps. When she comes to her senses, she sets off at a run to rescue her mistress – just as a severe storm sets in…

In the docking towers on the edge of town, Snargle prepares the Owl for its journey to the Remnants and a rendezvous with Lady Blackbird’s lover – and while rifling through the Lady’s belongings, Kale Arkam discovers that said lover is Uriah Flint, the infamous and deadly pirate king! The pair prepare to search Haven for Cyrus Vance (who’s trying to escape his old flame, Imperial Captain Varla Duran) – but before they do, Kale spots a nearby skyship with a suspicious number of guns. He distracts the crew while Snargle sneaks on board and disables the ship’s controls, and the two return to the Owl just as Cyrus makes it back. As the storm gains strength, they take the Owl on a dangerous flight into the swamps, sure that their passengers must be involved…

Naomi pounds through the marshes despite being slightly mauled by a crocodile, tracking the storm’s centre while avoiding lightning bolts that are igniting the swamp’s argone geysers into deadly spark-fountains. She finds it centred on a crocodile-drawn carriage, piloted by armed bounty hunters and headed for the sky-docks, just as the Owl – crawling with ball lightning – soars into view! Kale magically leaps from the ship onto the carriage, Naomi tears the crocodiles free from their yoke, and Snargle flips the Owl on its back so that Cyrus can dangle upside-down from a hatch and shoot the kidnappers as they race past! They free the unconscious Lady just before a huge lightning bolt blows the carriage apart; once she comes to her senses, she dissipates the storm and everyone gets on the Owl for a hasty getaway.

But for all that they are safe and sound, tensions bubble up on board the ship as it moves through the Blue. Lady Blackbird admits that, like most noble scions, she has great sorcerous power – which means she appointed Naomi as a bodyguard more from pity than from need, a confession that greatly upsets Naomi. Meanwhile, Kale tells Cyrus that they’re headed for a meeting with Uriah Flint, and is irritated that the captain seems more concerned with Lady Blackbird than with his crew.

The mood subdued, the Owl makes for the remnants – followed not just by an unmarked Imperial ship but also by a great, hungry sky-squid…

Lady Blackbird - Session 1
Escape From the Empire's Clutches

Having been captured by the Hand of Sorrow on the edge of Imperial Space, the crew of The Owl (as well as Lady Blackbird and her bodyguard) have been imprisoned in the brig while the captain checks their identification via wireless.

After breaking free from their cells with a mixture of subtlety (Kale) and extreme violence (Naomi), the prisoners retrieve their tools and weapons from storage lockers and make their way to the engineering deck, where Cyrus bamboozles two barrels of fuel (sky squid ink) from the crew as Kale disables the Hand’s engines. Sneaking up to the main deck, Snargle and Kale clear a path through stealth and distraction, leaving Cyrus and Naomi free to escort Lady Blackbird to The Owl, start her engines and maneuver away from the paralysed Hand and away to freedom!

The flight to the Free Worlds and Haven takes the better part of a day, during which Kale confronts Lady Blackbird over the meaning of love, the crew of The Owl weigh their next move and Lady Blackbird advises Naomi that they will look for new passage on Haven.

Reaching Haven, Naomi and the Lady head into the city while Cyrus and Snargle meet with a local fixer, Bluth, looking for knowledge of the true course through the Remnants. Bluth can’t help them, but advises them to meet with a contact of his, Jezebel Canter, on the outlaw world of Nightport – and that there is a hefty price on Cyrus’ head. Meanwhile, Naomi and the Lady discover the intricacies of Free Worlds cuisine in a local tavern – but the Lady is kidnapped by someone impersonating a waiter!

Naomi pursues the kidnappers’ crocodile-drawn carriage, but they escape, leaving her lost in Haven; Kale and Snargle prepare The Owl for a fast getaway; and searching for the Lady, Cyrus meets an old flame, Karla Duran, now a captain in the Imperial fleet, and runs away from her entourage of marines…


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