The Bride

Driven wolf-slayer of the woods


You were born west of the Great River, in one of the villages nearest the mountains. You were scarcely fifteen when you first saw him who would become your groom, at a folk-moot held at Mountain-hall, in a time when the Orcs were sorely threatening your people. Only a few months later you moved across the river to be near him, as he was from the folk dwelling in the forest. As you waited for your wedding, you learned how to seek a prey among the trees, and your love for the hunt rivalled that for your future husband.

One night, only a handful of days before your wedding-day, he left with a company of men from the village, refusing to bring you with him and giving no explanations. Only his faithful hound returned, grievously wounded. When the elders of the village saw the claw marks on the hound they shook their heads, speaking of the dreaded Beast of Mirkwood…

The Bride

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