Fast-talking halfling master of disguise


Roger was an outcast from his own people due to his unreasoning distaste for short people. He could only live with himself by strapping two peg-legs to his own legs and disguising himself as a human or half-elf – and with that many peg-legs on hand, becoming a pirate was inevitable.

After several run-ins with the law, Roger was recruited by Estrella to act as the navigator for The Guiding Star – a position he isn’t really qualified to hold, despite his strong sense of direction. But Captain Rudder also relied on Roger’s disguise and misdirection skills, and he became a trusted member of the crew, known for his honour and cleverness – and his love of animals, including his kleptomaniac monkey Harold.

But now that Rudder is dead and the Star destroyed, what will Roger do with himself?



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