Peg-leg Pete

A pirate's pirate with a grudge against merfolk


Peg-leg Pete can’t remember a time when he didn’t want to be a pirate. As soon as he was able, he escaped his strange and tragic family – and their mysterious connection to the cult called the Murder Circus – and took to sea. He bought a pistol and a wooden leg, changed his name from Clarence to Peg-leg Pete and hopped from adventure to adventure.

One adventure put Pete into conflict with the Billowing Beard Merfolk, sparking a grudge that persists to this day. It also brought him into conflict with Jobu, and the two men had an angry rivalry until they were both rescued from the merfolk by Captain Rudder. Pete sailed with Rudder for some time, relying on his quick thinking and big fists to fight through danger.

Now that Rudder is dead and The Guiding Star is no more, Pete needs a new pirate crew. Maybe it’s time to make his own – if he can find a map to a big score, line up a boat and avoid the clutches of the Murder Circus.


Peg-leg Pete

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