A drifter with spooky supernatural abilities


The mysterious drifter who calls him/herself Onyx (their gender is kept disguised) has moved around the world for years, hopping in and out of asylums and mental hospitals in different countries. Onyx possesses a number of strange supernatural and mental abilities, but their power is as much curse as gift, and they are prone to mood swings and fits of violent paranoia.

In a mental institution in Guam, Onyx met Dr Abrams Cavendish, who provided them with medication that alleviates some of this mental pressure. Onyx followed Cavendish to Melbourne, and briefly encountered Abul Abin Aziz, but became a target of Agent Smint and B Wing when they succumbed to paranoia and attacked a homeless person.

Cavendish intervened to prevent all-out conflict between Onyx and Smint, and Onyx is now staying in Cavendish’s laboratory and receiving treatment.


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