Lintel Smint

Professional operative of government agency B Wing


After years serving various Australian government agencies, world-weary investigator Lintel Smint now works for B Wing, a mysterious group (possibly an offshoot of the Army or the Federal Police) that investigates, terminates and covers up supernatural threats. From his nondescript office in Northcote, Agent Smint receives orders by phone and recruits assistance as needed to protect Melbournians from the secrets in the darkness.

During an outbreak of a vampire virus, Smint befriended WHO scientist Dr Abrams Cavendish. Wanting to draw further the doctor’s expertise (and also motivated by his own romantic feelings towards him), Smint arranged for B Wing to place Cavendish on secondment in Melbourne for a time. On another mission, Agent Smint rescued Abul Abin Aziz from sea monsters as the young initiate came ashore to Australia; he’s keeping an eye on her, as B Wing has some minor connections to the Crimson Sword sect.

Recently, Smint was investigating the mysterious Onyx, and saw the drifter attack a homeless man in Brunswick. He was ready to pursue and execute Onyx, in keeping with B Wing’s take-no-prisoners attitude, but Dr Cavendish intervened on Onyx’s behalf. Smint is currently keeping an eye on Onyx, even as he works with them to pursue cases.

Lintel Smint

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