Jonathan Burgess

A musician-hitman. Or maybe a hitman-musician.


Jonathan Burgess is a polite, well-dressed American who kills people for a living. So he says, anyway. He’s on loan to the Carlton mafia from their US friends, and has been in Melbourne for about a week. He also plays violin, and seems to enjoy that more than the killing thing.

Burgess was assigned a job to take out a lawyer who’s been working with the wrong people. The job is more complicated than expected, maybe because he’s so tired; he can’t sleep because he keeps dreaming of a melody, then waking up exhausted before he can hear the end of it.

Burgess comes across as sophisticated and charming, but his real gift is for shooting people. He’s very good at shooting people. Sometimes he imagines turning into a sound, something heard but unseen, but that’s probably just the lack of sleep talking.

Jonathan Burgess

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