Half-ghoul cabin boy


Farnsworth ‘Farn’ Fauntleroy ran away from his wealthy family when he discovered that they meant to sacrifice him to the Unspeakable One on his 18th birthday. He stowed away on The Guiding Star; when Erik discovered him, he persuaded Captain Rudder to take him on as the cabin boy. Farn proved to be a valuable addition to the crew, thanks to his swimming skills, his can-do attitude and his unreliable gift for exorcism.

In the battle against Jawbone Jack the ghoul pirate, Captain Rudder was killed, The Guiding Star sank and Farn was infected with ghoul fever. Slowly turning into a ghoul and battling his urge to devour human flesh, Farn must also struggle with his guilt over Rudder’s death – especially since the Captain’s ghost is haunting him…



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