Estrella Kuro

Gnome brewmaster and accidental alchemist


Born under a dark star, Estrella Kuro causes chaos wherever she goes, despite (mostly) good intentions. After leaving her village, Estrella wandered the Serpent’s Teeth before landing in Freeport, where she worked as a barmaid in a Dockside dive bar and experimented with her unpredictable brewing/alchemy.

After meeting Captain Rudder, she joined the crew of The Guiding Star as their brewmaster and chief troublemaker – she rescued her fellow from danger about as often as she landed them in it in the first place. She has a gift for making friends and connections, a mysterious talent for astrology and the ability to write terrifying poetry.

Now that Rudder and the Star are gone, she’s looking to help bring together a new crew for more… excitement.


Estrella Kuro

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