Dwarf sailor who loves (and fears) the sea


Press-ganged at a young age, Erik quickly became a skilled sailor who loved the sea and the nautical life. He sailed with a number of crews and become well-known as ‘The Sea Dwarf’ before becoming stranded on Ape Island. He survived there for months, and found his pet monkey Muddles, before being rescued by Captain Rudder and the crew of The Guiding Star.

Escaping Ape Island in a strange adventure, in which he was given mysterious magical tattoos by Estrella, he joined the crew of the Star. Since that time, his sailing skills and knack for contract negotiation promoted him to the rank of first mate.

But those days are over now. Captain Rudder is dead, drowned before Erik’s eyes during a battle with the ghoul pirate Jawbone Jack. Now the thought of going to sea terrifies Erik – but it’s the only thing he knows how to do. And with the tattered remains of the Star’s crew looking to him for guidance, he has to do something – despite his fear.



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