Dr Abrams Cavendish

An expert medical scientist and supernatural investigator


Abrams Cavendish is a distinguished American expert in medical science, particularly infectious diseases, who works for the World Health Organisation as a roaming investigator in trouble spots. Time and time again, his work has led to encounters with the unexplained. While Cavendish is a rational scientist and a skeptic, he’s come to accept that monsters and the supernatural are real – but he also believes that science can be just as powerful a weapon against them as magic.

In his adventures around the world, Cavendish met Abul Abin Aziz during an encounter in Qumar, where he helped her defeat a monstrous threat and was gifted by her with a blessed dagger (now a treasured memento). He also met Onyx in a psychiatric facility in Guam and devised a treatment to help balance the drifter’s dangerous mood swings.

On a recent trip to Australia, Cavendish met and befriended Agent Lintel Smint of B Wing, and helped develop a treatment based on garlic enzymes to cure an outbreak of vampirism. Agent Smint used his government connections to lure Cavendish back to Melbourne, setting him up with a hidden laboratory and research facilities to assist B Wing in their work.

Dr Abrams Cavendish

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