Abul Abin Aziz

Outcast initiate of the Crimson Sword sect


The Crimson Sword, a sect of monster-hunters from the Middle Eastern country of Qumar, do not allow women in their ranks – so Abul Abin Aziz disguised herself as a boy to join their ranks and follow in her father’s footsteps. It was in Qumar that Abul encountered Dr Abrams Cavendish, and gave him a blessed dagger after an encounter with monsters.

With her gift for magic, Abul prophesied that a woman in Melbourne would be of great supernatural significance, but the Sword dismissed her prediction because no woman could ever be of such importance. When Abul revealed her own gender to contradict this point, the Sword cast her out and she was forced to flee Qumar.

Abul spent several years wandering the world until making her way to Australia, where she was rescued from sea monsters by Agent Smint before finally reaching Melbourne and making contact with Cavendish again. She also had an encounter with Onyx, who she suspects could be the woman described in the prophecy – if Onyx is in fact female.

Abul Abin Aziz

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