Rule of Three

World Wide Wrestling - Session 3

King of the Hill

In the fortnight between live events, Sadie Sledge assembles the Over the Top roster to discuss the Network Ten situation. The audience loved the match between Lady Insane and Jean Loup-Garou, and footage is going viral on social media. If OTW can leverage this interest into ticket sales then the Network Ten deal may go through – and Sadie has a big plan for the promotion to really get attention…

The next live show kicks off with Lady Insane in the ring, while the audience pop and show off their signs and Bowie makeup – they can’t get enough of her! She thanks them for their support and uses the opportunity to call out El Gastro to explain his recent behaviour. But El Gastro is already there, hiding under the ring – he jumps out to attack Lady and a match begins! The two trade blows and high-flying moves, while RPSCAce! joins the commentator to observe the fight (and fend off questions about her own clashes with Debra and Jean). In the ring, El Gastro pulls out what tricks he can, but Lady Insane strings him up from the disco ball above the ring, hits her finisher and wins the match – while Ace! drops the shocking revelation that she actually hates puppies!

As the two wrestlers finish the confrontation, the lights come up, and out comes Sadie Sledge to announce that it’s time to choose a Number One Contender to face off with the Highwayman for the OTW Ultimate Championship. But rather than choose someone, or make two contenders face off, she wants something bigger – a King of the Hill match!
After a match between Yass Queen and Break Neck Need, ring announcer RSLvis croons to the crowd while technicians assemble something in the ring behind tarpaulins. Lady Insane and El Gastro cool off, while Debra cuts a promo about her growing animosity toward RSPCAce – which grows even further when Ace interrupts the promo to deliver a few snide remarks.

With intermission over, the techs pull back the tarp to reveal a high-tech platform in the middle of the ring, three metres high and covered in flanges, gears and lights. Sadie calls out Lady Insane, El Gastro, Debra and RSPCAce! to enter the match – she also calls out Jean Loup-Garou, but apparently he got drunk at an art exhibition in Fitzroy and hasn’t made it tonight. Doctor Kolossus fits every wrestler with a high-tech wristband, while El Gastro notices that the platform looks like a larger version of the device he found within one of the RSL’s malfunctioning poker machines. Sadie then explains the stipulations – Lady Insane starts as ‘King’, but any wrestler can touch their wristband to the top of the platform to become the new King. No pinfalls or submissions, but wrestlers can throw their opponents over the top rope to eliminate them – and whoever is King when the match countdown hits zero is the new #1 Contender.

Now ring the bell!

Lady Insane scrambles up the platform to defend her position as the others grapple to take control. El Gastro fights his way clear from his rivals, climbs the platform and attempts to push Lady Insane off, but she’s too strong for him – not only does she retain her position, she throws him out of the ring and out of the match! El-G joins the commentators as Debra and Ace! fight, until Ace! lifts herself on a growing mountain of adorable, squealing puppies to reach the top of the platform. Lady Insane grabs the disco ball and smashes it over Ace’s head, dazing her and allowing Lady to throw her out of the match. Now it’s down to just two, and Debra and Lady Insane fight it out. Ace! and El Gastro continue commentating, noticing that the platform continues to vibrate, whirr and throb with energy as the match escalates. Just before the countdown reaches zero, Ace! and El-G storm the stage to attack the platform, while Lady Insane throws Debra back down to the mat.

Zero! Lady Insane is the #1 Contender! The platform explodes into a flash of blinding light! Every poker machine in the RSL shorts out and spews out coins! When the glare clears, the ring is empty – and every OTW wrestler in the building has vanished into some kind of… time vortex?!?!?!

Where do we go from here?


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