Rule of Three

World Wide Wrestling - Session 2

Iron Chef Smackdown

As a new instalment of Over the Top Wrestling begins, the audience seems footage from earlier in the day, as El Gastro investigates the RSL’s poker machine banks in an effort to learn more about the club’s mysterious curse. An angry nonna points him at a malfunctioning machine, and he finds a strange cylindrical device inside – and is then interrupted by the Highwayman! The OWT Champion has a score to settle after El Gastro interfered with last episode’s match with Sucker Punch, and he plans to settle scores in a ‘friendly’ (ie non-title) match. Tonight!

In the first match of the night, Debra calls out RPSCAce!, while Debra’s new rival Yass Queen watches from the sidelines. The crowd expect Debra to work stiff and use her Muay Thai moves, but it’s actually Ace that snaps and goes to a hardcore style, beating Debra so hard around the head that the referee yells for the bell and the match ends in a no-contest.

Debra is taken away to get any injuries treated, while Ace heads to the locker room to cool off. There she’s approached by Doctor Kolossus, the mad scientist half of the champion tag team, who says that El Gastro is poking his nose where it doesn’t belong. He wants her to take El-G down, leaving his involvement out of it – and if she does, he’ll use his future technology to change her puppy-summoning powers to kitten-summoning powers! Ace is noncommittal, but promises to think it over.

The second match is Jean-Loup Garou versus Lady Insane, but Jean ups the ante, calling Lady out and escalating the fight to a cage match! Jean is in his element in the cage and dominates the early part of the match, but Lady holds her own and starts taking back control. At a pivotal moment, Ace runs in and throws a chicken parmigiana through the cage into Jean’s face! Blinded, he can’t fight back as Lady hurls him out of the cage and onto a barbecue in the dinner tables, lightly frying him as she pins him for the win. The crowd goes wild for Lady Insane – they can’t get enough of her!
The Highwayman comes to the ring, ready for a fight – but the ever-unpredictable El Gastro has turned the match into an Iron Chef cooking contest, with stoves, counters and ingredients on display! The masked marvel busies himself making a chicken burrito for his opponent, but the Highwayman is unamused, and the match becomes an all-out brawl with kitchen implements and foodstuffs as weapons. Meanwhile, Ace watches the match, with Doctor Kolossus telling her to interfere now or never possess kitten powers! No-one tells OTW’s resident anti-hero what to do, and she punches him out just as the Highwayman piledrives El Gastro through two stoves to win the match.

As the night ends, the Highwayman pulls El Gastro from the wreckage to thank him for the match and show him respect, but the brawl on the outside disrupts the show as more wrestlers come out to join the melee. It’s a schmoz! Clear the hall!


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