Rule of Three

World Wide Wrestling - Session 1

Blood and Glitter

Indie promotion Over the Top Wrestling (OTW) is a theatrical wrestling promotion full of fantastic and weird elements like aliens, time travellers and monsters. OTW puts on shows every second Saturday night at the East Brunswick RSL – which would be a great venue if it wasn’t cursed – and has a low-budget TV show on Channel 31.

But change may be coming. One night at training, OTW owner Sadie Sledge confirms the rumours to her team – the Ten Network is interested in signing a deal with OTW for a national TV show. It would mean money and exposure for all of OTW’s talent – but the deal may not go through unless the promotion can prove they can bring in a significant audience. And for that to happen, the wrestlers need to step up and bring in more fans over the next six weeks.

The pressure is on.

The announcers discuss the Network 10 rumour as the first match starts – El Gastro versus Doktor Kolossus, a time-travelling mad scientist and part of the Future Shock faction. El Gastro puts up a good fight, and gets into the head of his opponent, but Kolossus manages to pin him for the win. After the match, OTW Creative meet with El Gastro and ask him to prove his awesomeness by solving the mystery of the RSL and breaking the curse – and if he can’t do it, then he’ll be fired!

Before her Triple Threat match with Jean Loup-Garou and Break Neck Need, RSPCAce! cuts a promo about her difficult alliance with Jean and their failure to win the Tag Team Championship in the previous show. The promo doesn’t go down well with the audience, and Creative quickly change the booking of the match. During the match, Ace and Jean take out their frustrations on each other, allowing Break Neck to take the win, assisted by interference from his stablemate Glamazon.

After the match, Jean cools off in the locker room until he is approached by the Highwayman – the OTW Ultimate Champion, returning to the promotion after recovering from an injury. The Highwayman commiserates with Jean over his failure to win the Tag Team belt, and suggests trying again or going after Mr Crinkles – the evil clown who carries OTW’s Batmania Belt (for the weirdest wrestler) – as another option. The OTW Ultimate Championship Belt, though… maybe one day. Maybe.

Before his match with the Highwayman, Sucker Punch meets with OTW Creative, who tell him that Channel 10 is unconvinced that he’s prime-time material; unless he can make an impressive showing against the Highwayman, they’re more likely to give Break Neck Need a push. Bitter about this, Sucker Punch prepares to take on the Highwayman, but the match is disrupted by El Gastro, who claims that he’s taking Sucker Punch on as his new protegee, ‘Fidel Gastro’. Sucker Punch angrily rejects El Gastro’s ‘help’, and the angle leaves the audience confused; he goes on to fight the Highwayman, who overpowers him despite El Gastro’s interference.

As Debra trains in the gym, she’s approached by someone from her past – Irene, a former Muay Thai competition teammate. Irene is also joining OTW, as a rival to Debra named ‘Yass Queen’, and says she’s looking forward to beating Debra in the ring – again. Irritated by this, Debra interrupts a promo that Lady Insane is making before their main event match; the two argue and escalate their fight into a Casket match, firing up the audience!

In the main event, Debra and Lady Insane have an all-out, no-disqualifications brawl that can only end when one of them locks the other in the ringside ‘casket’ (actually one of the porta-potties El Gastro uses in his ring entrance). They work a hard match; Debra uses her martial arts skills to beat down Lady Insane, but the Martian always comes back for more. At the end of the match, Lady Insane pulls out one of her insane moves – but she’s so high on glitter that she forgets what’s happening! RSCPAce! runs in to interfere, brawling briefly with Debra to distract the audience, and once Lady Insane gets her head together, Debra buries her in the casket to take the win.

At the end of the show, feuds are heating up and future matches are in the offing – but there was nothing to really electrify the audience and bring up the numbers. Can the team kick it up a notch or five next time?


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