Rule of Three

Urban Shadows - Session 3

Closed Circuit

Marlowe guards the unconscious Fodhla in St Vincent’s Hospital as she recovers from being hit by a tram. He’s joined by Maximilian, who has persuaded fellow vampire Lilian to cease backing Iannos in his play for the Arcadia Apartments. The two men don’t get along well, but Marlowe agrees to help Maximilian stop Iannos. Maximilian leaves to purchase Mandragora, as Marlowe has used up his supply warding Fodhla’s hospital room.

At the Flinders Street Ballroom, Ashcroft works on the wards that will bar Iannos from the Arcadia Apartments, while his hunter ally Solomon investigates ghost sightings around the tram network. Maximilian and Marlowe arrive, and with their help the mystic architect creates the wards. Before they can take the wards to the site, Iannos and two of his armed followers arrive, but Maximilian intimidates them and they leave. When Ashcroft tries to phone Solomon (who has a van), they learn he’s under attack by rats – at St Vincent’s Hospital!
The three race to the hospital, and Marlowe can see ghostly forces gathering in the tram lines as they pass. They arrive and search the hospital to find Solomon fending off a swarm of foot-long rats in the basement. Maximilian scatters the vermin, and he and Ashcroft take Solomon to the emergency room while Marlowe checks on Fodhla.

Marlowe finds Fodhla vulnerable, her mandragora wards removed by cleaners, and the fae is menaced by a giant spectre dressed in a tattered tram conductor’s uniform – the same one that drove the tram into her. He tries to fend it off with magic, but it can’t be harmed – instead, he bargains with it, agreeing to free it from the Tellurian Circuit in the tramlines in exchange for Fodhla’s life.

With Solomon being attended by a doctor, Ashcroft and Maximilian go to the parking lot to get his van – and find Albion emerging from it, carrying a briefcase and a silver goblet. The wizard tries to tell them that he’s a friend of Solomon’s – when they don’t fall for it, he attacks them with his magics! Ashcroft snags the briefcase while a wounded Maximilian loses control and tears open Albion’s throat. As Ashcroft hides in the van, rats swarm from a storm drain to carry off the goblet – and a police car pulls into the lot, headlights picking out Maximilian feeding from Albion’s corpse…


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