Rule of Three

Urban Shadows - Session 2

The Underground Sound

The next morning, Ashcroft works on wards that will protect the Arcadia Apartments from Iannos and the winter fae. He contacts Solomon, a young paranormal investigator/hunter and his occasional apprentice, and tasks him with investigating Iannos’ activities. After further work, Ashcroft realises that the wards will require cold iron (which he has) treated with mandragora (which he doesn’t have), and that they’ll need to be charged by a wizard, so he sets out to find Marlowe.

Still reeling from the murder of his friend Allan, Marlowe agrees to find Fodhla’s cousin Dylan and get him out of whatever trouble he’s in. Through a fae contact he learns that Dylan is going to the old Mint in William Street; he gets there as the fae heads into Flagstaff Station, carrying a metal box, followed by Albion, a upperclass local wizard. Ashcroft catches up with Marlowe, and the two of them head into the station in pursuit.

Just before this, Fodhla met Albion at a tea house in Carlton to ask whether he had the Goblet of the Moon, a fae artifact that she has been searching for. His emotions and better judgement swayed by fae magic, Albion admits he has the Goblet; he tells her he’ll exchange it for access to the nether realms, then leaves for a meeting. Before she can follow him she’s interrupted by her father – Iannos, who wants her to join the Winter Court and help him with his plans. She refuses, and he leaves in a rage after letting slip that he is up to something.
Marlowe and Ashcroft see Dylan and Albion get onto an out-of-date train that no-one else is boarding, and they sneak on board before it leaves. The train stops at an unknown underground station, with all exits barred and overgrown with weeds. Dylan argues with Albion about payment for the contents of the box – the secret map of the Tellurian Circuit within the tram network. Ashcroft interrupts (Marlowe lurks invisibly) and argues with Albion, but to little end; the wizard and fae leave the secret station, and the others have to run to catch the train so they are not stranded.

Fodhla follows Iannos to the State Library; a woman in a wheelchair comes out and hands him a thick set of papers and folders. Fodhla conjures up a wind to tear the papers from him, and manages to catch several of them – but in the process stumbles in front of a tram. She briefly sees the image of a twisted skeletal figure driving the tram, before she is knocked down and badly injured.

Leaving Flagstaff, Ashcroft goes to the Arcadia Apartments to discover that work has ceased due to bogus OH&S concerns. Marlowe heads to the State Library when he sees an ambulance cutting through traffic, and arrives in time to see Fodhla being taken to hospital. He follows her there, hoping to aid or protect her, and is watching over when the sun goes down and Maximilian emerges from hiding to get answers…


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