Rule of Three

The Sprawl - session 2

The Octagon Job (part 2)

3dgel0rd drills down further into the freeway systems and sees that additional footage has been scrubbed, hiding the van’s movements after the attack. She also finds signs that a hacker named Redpill, who she worked with during her brief time with NBN, was responsible.

The team meet up virtually in their cyberspace communications centre, which is a virtual Hungry Jacks, and compare notes. 3dgel0rd and Tanno enhance and examine the footage of the attack, determining that the van headed towards Essendon and the western Sprawl, that the damage from the attack exposed external data ports – and that at least some of the attackers were in fact cops.

Maddox tells the team about Jeremy Rogers going rogue, and Sokolov checks in with the Chessmaster, an information broker. The Chessmaster tells him that Rogers had debts he needed to clear – and that Sokolov and his team are persona non grata in town, due to various megacorps being pissed with them. Sokolov gets what info he can, but the Chessmaster starts spreading the word that the team is looking for Rogers.
Snow sends her privacy cultists, the Dead Eyes, out to find information, but things quickly go south – the hijackers are cleaning up loose ends, and two cultists, plus Snow’s contact Jemima, are gunned down in the Northland car park.

As Tanno pieces together the data around the van’s possible movements, he and Maddox head to a cop bar in the city, where Maddox tries to bully info from some of his former colleagues. He gets the shit kicked out of him in an alley for his trouble, and Tanno gets nothing either. But he does manage to work out the rough vicinity that the van must be in, and Snow gets the Dead Eyes to start scouting the area.

It takes a couple of hours, but it pays off – sort of. Snow is contacted by a terrified cultist, being hunted by a heavily armed drone through the Sprawl! Before he’s blown to bits, he says that he found something near the Grasshopper Factory – the local name for a Comintel cicada-protein agriplex in the Sprawl, which has been disused and closed for nearly a year.

With a solid lead and time running out, the team grab their gear and head for the Factory…


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