Rule of Three

Lady Blackbird - Session 2

Terror in the Argone Swamps

Lost in Haven, Naomi Bishop is rescued (sort of) by Chester Halfbait, a disreputable junk-merchant who claims to be an exiled noble. His sorcerous gifts let him see the future and he warns that Lady Blackbird’s own Stormblood sorcery threaten to destroy the town! Chester gives Naomi a concoction of squid ink and his own magical essences; when she drinks it, she goes into a hallucinatory trance and sees the whole of Haven, even touching the mind of a distant sky squid before seeing the kidnappers loading the Lady into a carriage, somewhere in the local argone swamps. When she comes to her senses, she sets off at a run to rescue her mistress – just as a severe storm sets in…

In the docking towers on the edge of town, Snargle prepares the Owl for its journey to the Remnants and a rendezvous with Lady Blackbird’s lover – and while rifling through the Lady’s belongings, Kale Arkam discovers that said lover is Uriah Flint, the infamous and deadly pirate king! The pair prepare to search Haven for Cyrus Vance (who’s trying to escape his old flame, Imperial Captain Varla Duran) – but before they do, Kale spots a nearby skyship with a suspicious number of guns. He distracts the crew while Snargle sneaks on board and disables the ship’s controls, and the two return to the Owl just as Cyrus makes it back. As the storm gains strength, they take the Owl on a dangerous flight into the swamps, sure that their passengers must be involved…

Naomi pounds through the marshes despite being slightly mauled by a crocodile, tracking the storm’s centre while avoiding lightning bolts that are igniting the swamp’s argone geysers into deadly spark-fountains. She finds it centred on a crocodile-drawn carriage, piloted by armed bounty hunters and headed for the sky-docks, just as the Owl – crawling with ball lightning – soars into view! Kale magically leaps from the ship onto the carriage, Naomi tears the crocodiles free from their yoke, and Snargle flips the Owl on its back so that Cyrus can dangle upside-down from a hatch and shoot the kidnappers as they race past! They free the unconscious Lady just before a huge lightning bolt blows the carriage apart; once she comes to her senses, she dissipates the storm and everyone gets on the Owl for a hasty getaway.

But for all that they are safe and sound, tensions bubble up on board the ship as it moves through the Blue. Lady Blackbird admits that, like most noble scions, she has great sorcerous power – which means she appointed Naomi as a bodyguard more from pity than from need, a confession that greatly upsets Naomi. Meanwhile, Kale tells Cyrus that they’re headed for a meeting with Uriah Flint, and is irritated that the captain seems more concerned with Lady Blackbird than with his crew.

The mood subdued, the Owl makes for the remnants – followed not just by an unmarked Imperial ship but also by a great, hungry sky-squid…


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