Rule of Three

Don't Rest Your Head - Session 1

In the Beat of the Night

Dylan visits his dealer to buy some speed, only to find him dead, possibly poisoned by some kind of orange substance. He grabs what drugs he can before he’s accosted by a trio of muscular ravers, seemingly high on the orange liquid; he jumps down the stairwell and flees.

Burgess watches the Nicholas Building, waiting for his target; when he moves to intercept, he finds the lawyer shot dead in the elevator by a man in a 1930s suit with giant buttons for eyes. He climbs the stairs to investigate.

On Swanston Street, Danger Cribbins peers into the closed-down Golden Palace diner to see a woman in a ballgown retrieve a valise. He immediately feels a connection, and when she is chased by a sledgehammer-wielding raver, he goes through a strange door to give chase.

Dylan escapes the rave thugs, but receives texts from his dead dealer telling him to avoid the black frequency and not to trust his father. He gets an Uber back to his apartment; the driver has a crease down the centre of his face and plays strange ‘music’ by a band called The Black Frequency. When the rave thugs show up, Dylan escapes through a gate in his back fence that he’s never seen before.
Passing through a gate on the steps, Burgess finds the Nicholas Building is packed with people, buying and selling antiquities from stalls that claim to be little museums. One stall sells music boxes, and he hears a snatch of the melody that’s keeping him awake, but the stall-holder wants memories or wax coins rather than cash. He decides to leave, but finds the stairs and elevator are gone, and the body of the lawyer lying in an alcove.

Danger runs down an impossibly long hallway lined with windows into impossible locations, armed with a fire extinguisher. Finally he finds the woman being menaced by the raver, and he caves the man’s head in with his weapon. Somehow the woman knows him – and somehow the raver revives, weird music spilling from his collapsing head. Danger kicks in a window and climbs through; the woman hands him the valise but is captured by the raver. She screams at him to escape, and he panics and runs away.

Dylan emerges in an underground train station that he doesn’t recognise, the speed in his pockets turning into orange liquid. He catches a train, but somehow the rave thugs pull up alongside in their car and board via grappling hooks! Dylan tries to escape to the next car, but it’s guarded by a button-eyed man. He manages to fend off an attacking raver by offering the orange substance; the button man shoots the raver, then allows Dylan to pass, calling him a ‘friend of Velvet’.

Danger jumps through a window into the museum trading in the Nicholas Building, running through the crowd until colliding with Burgess. Something follows after him – a strange sound that manifests visually as a kind of smoky static, and that possesses those it touches! As the crowd screams about the ‘black frequency’ and tries to flee, Burgess fights his way through to grab the music box – and hears a snippet of the mystery melody in the core of the frequency. Meanwhile, Danger feels something moving inside the valise, and opens it to see a bottle of orange liquid vibrating in time with the terrible sound…


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