Freeport is Green Ronin’s signature city setting and has been home to thousands of RPG campaigns since its launch in 2000. Classic fantasy elements, cruel-hearted pirates, and Lovecraftian horror come together in the rum-fueled metropolis known as the City of Adventure. Now a new era is beginning

The Fate Freeport Companion is your rules guide to exploring Green Ronin’s Freeport. Whether as a daring hero looking for adventure, or as a Gamemaster seeking new worlds to explore, this sourcebook is an indispensable accessory for fans of both Freeport and the Fate System!

The Pirate’s Guide to Freeport is written by Chris Pramas, Ron Schwalb and (ahem) Patrick O’Duffy. The Fate Freeport Companion is written by Clark Valentine and Brian Engard.

Both are published by Green Ronin.


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