Danger Cribbins

Downtown clown with a gap in his memory


Danger (he changed his name by deed poll when he was younger) Cribbins is a 21st century odd-jobs man, working on a dozen crowdsourced jobsto make ends meet. One of those is playing a (terrible) clown at children’s party; he’s usually too tired and burned out to wipe off all the greasepaint at the end of the day.

Danger came to Melbourne after knocking a girl up somewhere else; now he tries to evade his responsibilities in the big city, as well as the girl’s angry and vengeful family. One night he looked through the window of a deserted store and saw a girl in a doorway; she seemed to know him, he fell in instant love, and everything went weird from there.

His insomnia is caused by the constant nagging sensation that he’s forgotten something important. He’s good at fucking with people’s heads. When he unleashes his madness, he can make people remember the worst thing they ever did and experience the pain others felt as a result.

Danger Cribbins

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