Rule of Three

Urban Shadows - Session 1

Dinner Theatre

On a cooler-than-usual September night, Fodhla is contacted by her cousin Dylan, who needs help. They meet beneath the Melbourne Star, and Dylan tells her that he’s being followed by a strange man. Fodhla questions him, and Dylan admits that he’s been dealing mandragora and doing jobs for vampires; he also infiltrated the occult Network of tram drivers to steal a map of the secret geomantic circuit rumoured to exist within the tram lines.

This last crime is what attracted the attention of Marlowe, who is the ‘strange man’ following him. Marlowe approaches the pair, demanding answers from Dylan, who reacts angrily when he realises that his cousin knows his pursuer. Fodhla tries to calm the situation but Dylan runs off; rather than chase after him, Fodhla takes Marlowe to dinner to discuss things.
At a different restaurant, Maximilian and Ashcroft meet for dinner, each believing the other has summoned them there to discuss their current project, the Arcadia Luxury Apartments building being constructed in Balwyn. They’ve actually been brought together by Mac Cecht, a fae of the Storm Court and an old friend of Ashcroft. He warns them both that his rival Iannos, a powerful member of the fae Winter Court, wants to take control of the Arcadia Apartments. He’s not sure why, but he knows that the Arcadia Apartments are being built near the end of a tram line, which might mean Iannos could draw mystical power from the geomantic circuit. As Mac Cecht leaves, he tells them than Iannos is working with an ally – Lillian, a vampire elder and an old ‘friend’ of Maximilian.

Fodhla and Marlowe share a meal and she asks him whether he’s heard anything more about the Goblet of the Moon, a fae relic thought to be somewhere in Melbourne. Before Marlowe can answer, he gets a panicked call from his friend Allan, driver of the 96 tram, who’s being pursued by something terrible in Carlton Gardens. They drive to the Garden’s in Marlowe’s filthy car; when they arrive outside the old Museum building, a crowd is gathered around Allan’s body, which is covered in tiny ragged wounds. Marlowe sees a large rat disappear into a nearby gutter – and that his friend’s last act was to draw a crescent moon on the concrete in his own blood…


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